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How not to fall ill of hypertensive disease? - отзыв о методике М.В. Оганян

The disease is now the most widespread pathological condition on the planet. If earlier it was considered a disease of the elderly, now more and more young people get the so-called malignant form of hypertension, resulting to renal failure in 5-10 years - renal sclerosis or "primary contracted kidney."

There are many risk factors predisposing to hypertension occurance: heredity, smoking, overeating, obesity, long-term physical and nervous overload. Distinguish symptomatic and essential hypertension, the cause of which can not be established. Hypertensive heart disease has long been considered not as a disease in medicine, but as a "way of life" with a mandatory and permanent reception of antispasmodic drugs, removing vascular spasm. Of course, at least fifty new antispasmodics has been synthesized in the world over the last 10 years, and Capoten is considered the standard for some reason. The patients know better than anyone else to what this way of treating of the disease will lead: to the emergence of incurable diseases.

The practice of treating patients with hypertension by natural methods in our country and abroad clarifies all inexplicable in the emergence and progression of this disease and allows to completely cure it without medication. It turns out, firstly, that there is no hypertension that has arisen out of nowhere, a primary "essential" (in the terminology of academician Lang). Any hypertension is a sign of very serious danger to the body, namely, kidney disease, which occurs in childhood and often proceeds asymptomatic. This kidney disease, emerging in childhood may bring up "malignant" hypertension in 18-20 years, which is very difficult to treat with drugs, which is quite understandable, because medications for hypertension are aimed to eliminate vasospasm, and in adolescence vessels are elastic. Here we need a completely different strategy, that is not the administration of drugs, polluting the internal environment, but its liberation from purulent toxins, causing kidney disease in childhood, which now causes a spasm of the entire vascular blood flow.

Cleansed tissues and cells that are exempt from toxic impurities, begin to implement their own pharmacological activity and lead all the physiological processes in the body to the optimum, and it needs only one thing: not to interfere a sick body to be cleaned. And above all - not to harm: not to introduce drugs, help him create the conditions for the implementation of the processes of autolysis - self-dissolution and release huge amounts of toxic products accumulated in tissues mostly in the form of mucus and pus. The presence of any purulent focus in the body maintains a sick condition of the kidneys and high blood pressure, kidney disease, which although may not be detected by modern diagnostic methods.

When the kidneys start to fail? In early childhood, at the first sore throat or inflammation of the lungs, any first purulent process in the body. Purulent toxins enter the bloodstream, reach the kidneys and cause the first small vascular spasm. This process is repeated many times during the life, sometimes imperceptible to humans. The disease is not always make itself felt, more than half of the disease passes abrotivno, and it is found at iridodiagnostics. But over time, the secret becomes clear and is manifested by health problems or sudden deterioration of health of the patient or is detected during periodic screening through high blood pressure.
And the reason for the emergence of hypertensive disease is very often a variety of neural overload, prolonged stress. The compensated condition of the body turns into decompensated, often blood pressure rises to high numbers, threatening the health and lives. Hypertensive crisis occurs not only with those who did not treated or did not know about the disease, but also with those who were treated, and even was in the dispensary. These states require immediate and active drug treatment.

But each of us has an opportunity to be treated until didn’t got sick. Everyone is able to prevent the onset of extreme, life-threatening conditions, routinely cleaning the body from poisons , waste, toxins concentrated in it, so that they won’t overwhelmed him/ her one day, did not cause a stroke, diabetes, heart attack, myocarditis, acute rheumatism, asthma and similar troubles. "Nature is simple and does not luxuriate causes" - wrote M. Lomonosov.

So we learned that contaminated kidneys are subject to damage and lead to increased blood pressure. That is why all kidney diseases carried over from childhood and, in addition, purulent processes detected in the patient, whether a sore throat, purulent bronchitis, abrasions, appendicitis, should alert.

What a patient with hypertensive as well as healthy people to do, in order not to get sick? To cleanse the body! How? Lavage of cavities, periodic abstinence from solid food while herbal infusions, citrus juices are included in the diet and fruit and vegetable dietary intervention. What do the washing and abstaining from food for 3-7 days give? They provide excellent cleansing of tissues as a result of self-dissolution (autolysis) and the allocation of metabolism waste, accumulated in it. Cleansing goes on in all possible ways: through the intestines, kidneys, skin, lungs. Cough and sputum begins, nasal secretions appear. Intestinal lavage help to excrete the bulk of toxins, drinking of herbal infusions facilitates cleaning of biliary and urinary tract, as well as the lungs and bronchi. The same role is played by citrus and other fruit juices. The whole process of cleansing the body is a lot of effort, and it must be carried out in an enabling environment, i.e., you need to provide the patient peace, clean air and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. This is best done outside of the city, in a village, a resort, where ecology environment is preserved to some extent, that helps to restore the ecology of the organism. It is possible to carry out such treatment in a local hospital, which must be adapted to the treatment by natural methods.

There is another issue of exceptional social importance: how to avoid high blood pressure in pregnant women? Indeed, in future it often becomes a hypertension, makes it impossible for even young women to have children. The answer is that you need to cleanse the body of a pregnant woman with filling and good-quality plant foods (raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices) for 3-6 weeks in the first half of pregnancy. This will allow her to avoid many troubles during and after delivery, ensure the health of mother and child. This cleansing should be done under medical supervision and that it is highly desirable in a clean inpatient care setting. The costs for such activities will be repaid many times by the birth of a healthy baby and keep the health of women and her reproductive capacity.

Below we bring an approximate example of preventive and therapeutic treatment for hypertension: exclude meat (poultry, fish), sharply limit dairy products, especially cheese, leave cream and butter in the diet.

Afternoon menu according to the season: fresh fruit or soaked dried fruit - in the morning. In the summer season fruit meal can be taken 2 times – at 9 and 12 o’clock.

After one o’clock in the afternoon - vegetable products, mandatory salads with fresh greenery and vegetables in various combinations, including carrots, parsley, celery, sorrel, nettle, cabbage, parsley and fennel seeds, wild garlic, purslane, lettuce, parsnips, radishes, green onions, etc. All this with addition of nuts, sunflower oil, sour cream, then - vegetable stew cooked with a small amount of water (steamed), with addition of oil after readiness, sea salt or dry seaweed – kelp instead of edible salt. Stew can be replaced by any roasted vegetables with butter or porridge, cooked on the water with oil after readiness. Milk porridge cause indigestion and are not allowed in this diet. Cereals can be used except cleared, that is, semolina and rice. It is necessary to give up pasta and confectionery products made with white flour and bread baked with the baker's yeast, i.e., that we can buy in the store, whether it is black or white bread. Only diabetic buns "Zdorovye" with bran.

Against the background of such nutrition herbs and honey applied on an empty stomach bring real benefits.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of infusions of herbs (1 tablespoon of knotweed, bearberry, mint, balm, oregano, plantain, rose hips, bay leaf per 2.5 liters of boiling water)  a day with honey (1-2 teaspoons per 1 cup), and citrus juice (1-2 lemons per day) during full abstinence from food within 7 - 14 days, is able to normalize blood pressure in 95% of patients. Simultaneous bowel lavage with solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon per 2 liters of warm water) and a one- or dualfold drinking of laxatives, magnesium sulfate is best, is obligatory, if you do not have ulcerative processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

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