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Immunity - allergies - asthma - отзыв о методике М.В. Оганян

With the coming of spring chronic diseases are aggravated, new ones arise, and in the period of flowering of plants and trees the allergy attacks, and there is no place to escape! The way to a field,  forest, garden or a cottage is closed for one suffering from allergy!

And there is one thing left - to follow the convincing advice of medical publications, which states: "Lock the house, don’t open any windows or doors, and wait out the flowering season."

However, you know very well how this advise is feasible in fact. Meanwhile, the number of different medications for allergies is growing steadily, and the number of new cases of allergy sufferers and asthmatics are not reduced. People suffering chronic allergy only get temporary relief, thanks to drugs, but no cure. Why so?

Weakening of immunity is considered the reason for that. A lot of written and spoken about immunity, numerous medications are produced, "strengthening immunity" by stimulating certain functions of the body, primarily the hormonal system.

Yes, most of the population is concerned with the problem of immunity, and everyone believes to have weakened immunity. But there are diseases in which the immunity is enhanced excessively. This fact is well-known to physicians who have created and set production of drugs that suppress the immune system, - immunosuppressants. Today they are used in all diseases with excessive immunity: the same allergy, leukemia, cancer, as well as all acute inflammatory conditions (pneumonia, glomerulonephritis, acute rheumatoid arthritis or myocarditis, exudative neuritis, acute thyroiditis, etc.)

Using these medicines, we strengthen the immune system and afterwards weaken it artificially. And for good reason all drugs that affect the immune system are called "immunomodulators". It turns out that people put themselves in the place of Nature and try to simulate the immune system at their sole discretion, depending on season and other circumstances.

But should we forget that for the modeling of immunity, and in other words, for its violation and perversion, mass immunizations, antibiotics and hormones application across the human population played a huge role. These very achievements in medicine created a necessity of emergence of a new generation of medicines - immunomodulators.

So, what did we find out from the abovesaid? We know that the immune system is mostly reduced in people as a result of taking immunosuppressive drugs for allergies, leukemia, cancer, and acute inflammation of internal organs and joints, use of antiseptics, causing, in addition to the weakening of immunity, dysbacteriosis and vitamin deficiency, hormonal drugs and mass immunizations, creating an artificial immunity and entailing subsequently its own exhaustion.

And whether there are diseases during which the immune system is weakened? Of course. These are all chronic inflammatory processes: chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, genyantritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, colitis, polyarthritis, prostatitis, adnexitis, and finally acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), resulting in complete destruction of the immune system.

What is immunity? This term refers to specific cells of the body intended for destruction and elimination from the body of all alien products caught penetrated in its internal environment with food, water and air. These are leukocytes, macrophages, monocytes, eosinophils, mast cells, lymphocytes. There is still humoral immunity, i.e. substances circulating in blood and tissues, and also intended to neutralize the alien body products that can disrupt the metabolism – these are immunoglobulins prostaglandins, and so on.

Elements of both cellular and humoral immunity are synthesized in our connective tissue. And it comprises blood, lymph, blood vessels, bones, bone marrow, ligaments, cartilage, articular surfaces, pleura, peritoneum, skin, mucous membranes lining the respiratory and digestive system, subcutaneous tissue and fat layers of internal organs.

Furthermore, there muscle and nerve tissues and specialized tissues of internal organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, endocrine glands in the body. And all of them are also included in the concept of immunity, if we interpret it as the body's ability to resist bacteria, viruses and all other disturbing factors (pollution of air, water, extreme temperatures, etc.). In other words, the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors depends on health, vitality, and integrity of the energy shell of each of its cells. And only the purity of its internal environment can provide these qualities for the cell, which is the freedom from preservatives, containing toxins, grains of pus, mucus, sand and all kinds of metabolism wastes.

There is only one way to achieve this: prevent contamination of cell with pus-producing food, and clean the contaminated ones by appropriate diet.

Now let's appeal to the second part of our theme. In what cases, the immune system is overstrengthened, so that it becomes the cause of disease and even a very life-threatening conditions, and what is it caused by?

What cause allergies, i.e. beyond the norm and which cause diseases, an immune system responses to environmental factors - pollen of flowering plants and trees, house dust, detergents, drugs, and after all a wonderful food: strawberries, oranges, honey, red fruits and vegetables, which are a source of health and life itself?  

Are these factors the real cause of all our "spring suffering", and whether they themselves can cause allergies or asthma?

What are they? Are they only the occasion, launching, like a starter, the mechanism of allergic airway inflammation or any kind of dermatitis up to psoriasis?

Unfortunately, the overall official medicine, including doctors, for many years engaged exclusively in the treatment of bronchial asthma (V.N. Solonov et al.), unanimously state that allergens are so numerous that in each case it is necessary to seek a specific allergen and cure disease by introducing appropriate weak allergens.

And no one is confused by the futility of this technique and the fact that the allergic rhinitis, particularly those caused by ragweed pollen, sooner or later turn into asthma, making children disabled adults. "Well, after all, allergy, and asthma are incurable, and the disease can only be "controlled" by a long range of modern hormonal and non-hormonal anti-allergic drugs, "- that's what the doctors say today.

Unfortunately, as a doctor-biochemist, I have to, alone assert that allergies and asthma are curable. However, for their curing, as well as for treatment of any other disease, you need to fix, change the whole body metabolism, impaired during the disease. It is not possible to treat only one of its units, even five or ten units. Doctors also are doing just that by assigning specific drugs for each disease.

That’s why a doctor, specializing in one particular area, is not able to cure the disease, but can only palliate or relieve symptoms, and year after year, replacing obsolete by modern drugs. Such treatment is, of course, leads to a rather pronounced weakening of the immune capacity of the body.

Thus, allergy and asthma can be cured, but the process is long and difficult. It requires on the part of the patient's understanding of the causes of illness and its treatment methods and awareness of the natural laws according to which our body lives, suffers and recovers.

In addition, the treatment requires a belief in the correctness, consistency and time: one to two years for adults and from six months to one year for children. After finishing treatment, a person acquires new knowledge and new understanding of the organism that allows to further correct all problems arising in the body, and most importantly, avoid them independently.

This knowledge is especially important for parents with small children and those who are only going to become parents, to be able to prevent childhood diseases with simple hygienic measures and natural remedies, and in case they occur, cure children immediately, without waiting until the disease goes chronic.

For example, you can prevent the development of asthma in the child, if you properly treat acute respiratory infections, sore throat, flu, sinusitis, acute bronchitis. And that means - do not give your child drugs and antibiotics, and immediately begin to clean the intestinal tract and give broth with honey and citrus juices, stop giving the meal. Such treatment should be followed as long as the normal body temperature is reset, coughing stops, sore throat ceases.

With such treatment of an acute disease one to two, maximum three weeks are required to cure the child. It takes years to cure bronchial asthma, into which any colds can turn, when used antipyretics and antibiotics. Choose for yourself!

Now let's try to understand what is the true cause of allergic diseases, malignant tumors and leukemia (blood cancer). This is what I repeatedly wrote in my articles in the journal "SZU", but, as other sources keep silence about these reasons, I have to once again remind readers of this.

Nature does not make mistakes, and, moreover, absurd. Thinking soberly, it's easy to understand: the assumption that products, created by nature for nourishing and sustaining human life  - flowers, from which we get seeds, fruit and vegetables, that have concentrated solar energy to digest it by a man, can become human enemies and cause disease, is absurd.

Lemon and honey, strawberries and watermelon can not cause harm to the person, if his/her body has not accumulated dead, putrid food, poisoning him/her. These are our dead cells, not derived from the intestine, nasal sinuses, lung, bronchus, liver, blood vessels and other tissues in time. Lingering in the body and rotting in a lack of oxygen, they turn into pus, poisoning the surrounding healthy tissues, which become hypersensitive to the action of any external factor, be it pollen, cold, heat, honey, citrus fruits, cherries and tomatoes. Any of these can be a cause that triggers a chain of allergic reactions.

If the process of allergic inflammation, characterized by an excess of immunological conflict of antigen - antibody, wherein antigens are dead and decaying conglomerates of own cells, are played in the mucous of the upper respiratory tract, then we have an ragweed or any other allergic rhinitis (hay fever). We must remember that this will not happen, if the sinuses do not contain pus formation.

If allergic inflammation with excess of immune responses occurs in the bronchi (small or large bronchi or bronchioles) - it is asthma, with all its manifestations: bronchospasm, cough, sputum and others. The use of inhalers, dilating the bronchi and reducing bronchospasm, in this case, does not solve the problem, but only gives an opportunity to avoid death from suffocation.

Asthmatics, as well as people, who don't suffer from this disease, should remember that absolutely all the drugs used to relieve bronchospasm, have one feature. It is that bronchodilators, whether drugs with aminophylline, teofedrina or hormonal and non-hormonal modern inhalers, expanding the lumen of bronchial spasm, relax bronchial muscles. After all, the smooth muscles of the bronchial wall, as well as all smooth muscles of internal organs, are beyond our volitional control.

With regular use, and they are administered to asthmatics even outside attack, these drugs lead to paralysis of the bronchial muscles, resulting in cough, appearing in the accumulation of sputum, becomes counterproductive. Bronchial muscles lack the strength to cut and push out the sputum, and it continues to accumulate, as preparations continue to expand the lumen of the bronchi.

This happens to a certain limit, until all space of bronchi, intended for respiration (air circulation), is full of purulent sputum, and the patient starts to choke their own pus. The limit occurs, usually by the age of 35-40 years, when the child fell ill by three years and regularly applied bronchodilators, reducing the intensity of or preventing occurrence of spasms.

What is the solution? It is to prevent the occurrence of bronchospasm. And how to do it? For this purpose, the mucous membrane lining the bronchial tube of capillary bronchial tubes (all bronchi from trachea to the smallest bronchial tubes, the number of which reaches 60-80 thousand, and the lumen is 1-1.5 mm), was healthy, that is not subject to attacks purulent toxins that enter into it, mainly from colon.

"Why there? - you might say. – You were talking about asthma and reached the intestines! "Yes, everything in body is interconnected and interact through the blood and lymphatic system, the nerves and tissue fluid, hormones and neurotransmitters (tissue hormones). Otherwise, there could be no self-regulation of physiological and metabolic processes in the body! Powerful feedback system exists in the body, provides continuous coordinated work of internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems, and makes it a perfect "computer."

And in this case, this is as follows: on the walls of the colon there is a huge amount of stool overgrown with fungal mycelium, adhering to them. They are accumulated there because of the inconsistency of food consumed with physiological needs of the body. Digested, overfried food, wrong combination of foods that cause rot and ferment in the intestine, meat products, containing a large number of cadaveric alkaloid - all this causes accumulation of intestinal toxins.

Fixing on the walls of the intestine, toxins secrete toxic products to nearby organs. Intoxicated transverse colon, located below the diaphragm, poisons the lungs and small bronchioles, with huge areas of the mucosal surface. At the way out of the mucosa of the bronchioles is obstructed because of their narrow lumen and position at the bottom of the rib cage. And obstructive bronchitis originates here, from which even children suffer.

But if begin their treatment in time without triggering the disease, and clean not only the lungs but also the intestine, lavaging it with cleansing enema with herbs and salt, which in any case will not cause dysbiosis, but on the contrary, will help to avoid it, the obstructive bronchitis of the child will not go to asthma, and will be cured.

So, we found that in case of allergies and asthma a hyperergic inflammatory process is going on in tissues, that is a great amount of antibodies is synthesized, excessing needs of the body as a result of stimulation of the immune system by endogenous toxins. This excessive amount of antibody cells fills the mucous nasal, bronchial lumen tubes and merges with the antigens. A real "cell dump" and confusion begins. The process is clearly unfavorable to the body, causing choking or intolerable attacks of sneezing and watery eyes.

How to be? Obviously, you need to stop this uncontrolled, uncontrollable synthesis of antibodies arising in response to a stimulus - ragweed, etc. Then chemists quickly synthesize drugs that inhibit the formation of antibodies by the immune system. "If they hurt, so they are not needed!" - That's a reason.

But it would be worth thinking about why such a huge number antibodies is synthesized, due to which excessive cellular reactions "antigen - antibody" occur  and then antibodies to these complexes, the so-called autoantibodies are produced, in a word, a real cell war is going on?

Instead, immunosuppressants, hormonal and non-hormonal, cytotoxic agents are created, i.e. substances that suppress the immune system and destroy it. Their mission is to eliminate "excessive" tissue immune response while maintaining the immune system of external irritants (pollen, etc.) and internal (accumulation of pus in the tissues) factors. As the reserves of the body, including the immune system are sufficiently large, the desired effect is not achieved immediately, and these drugs have to be used regularly and for a long time, sometimes for some months or years. The result is a violation and the destruction of the immune system.

It should be noted that all such drugs are called "anti-inflammatory". They are often supplemented with antibiotics and immunosuppressive. Now we have the full picture.

As soon as we talked about diseases in which the immune system of the body is increased, and the work of the immune system is excessive, let's talk about the malignancy. Cancer grows on the pus, as in fertilized soil. If you want to cure cancer, and perhaps it is only in the initial stage, or, more correctly, to prevent it - remove the pus of all places of accumulation. Confirmation is the following pattern: purulent abscess gives rectal cancer, suppurative appendicitis in the chronic form gives you cancer of the cecum, obstructive bronchitis leads to breast cancer in women, purulent bronchitis can give lung cancer, and sometimes - a cancer of the colon or stomach cancer. Not enough examples?

Let's say a few words about acute and chronic leukemia. Leukemia is manifested by the presence of excessive blood leukocytes, synthesized in large quantities by the bone marrow. The cause of this process is the formation of festering boils in the bone marrow, due bringing of septic toxins from other body tissues by blood.

In all cases of malignancy in the body, the same immunosuppressive and cytotoxic agents, so-called "chemistry" is used for its treating. Only the symptoms are eliminated at this therapy, but the causes remain unclear. The results of this approach to the treatment of the disease are present: medicine develops, but morbidity and mortality from diseases of the XXI century continue to grow rigorously.

Let us recall the words said six thousand years ago by Hippocrates: «Ubi pus, ibi evacua!» «If there is a pus, let it out!" This commandment of the Hippocrates is remembered today only by surgeons but it is not only refers to surgery, but to treatment of any disease.

So, we learned what is immunity, when it is weakened and when strengthened excessively, which is the reason for such an amplification of immune responses, and how to prevent it.

Readers learned ways and possibilities of treatment of allergy and asthma, namely that it is not necessary to suppress excessive immune responses by chemical preparations and hormones and thereby deplete the immune system, then to stimulate it with other medications. It is necessary to eliminate the reason causing this excessive immune process in the body. Clean the body from all kinds of waste, poisons and toxins penetrated into it and formed in it and recovery will follow.

You just need to carry out this process correctly, consistently and for a long time. Regulation of metabolism, creation of new, healthy tissues of the body should take place at the pace and rhythm assigned by nature and not by doctors.

Schematically, the process looks like this:

First stage - cleaning tissues. It lasts from 7 to 21 days, the point is to stop accepting solid food, drink herbal decoctions and natural fresh fruit juices with simultaneous intestinal lavage. Its essence lies in the combination of fasting with intestinal lavage.

The process of purification is more effective if only distilled water to three liters per day is taken for 1-3 weeks. But this way is fraught with the risk of severe exacerbation of existing diseases and, therefore, can be performed only in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist.

Second stage - recovery. It is done by drinking herbal decoctions with honey, fruit and vegetable juices and lasts 3-6 weeks. By the end of this stage fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetable salads, sprouted grains, nuts are included in the diet. It is desirable to maintain such a diet, followed by addition of dairy products and raw egg yolks, as long as possible, which is particularly easy to do in summer and autumn, especially in the southern regions, rich of fruit.

Such program of non-specific natural treatments carried out with some regularity, can cure severe chronic diseases of people of all ages. Certainly, acute diseases are treated much easier and faster, especially in children. This requires, as said above, from one to three weeks. The urgent request to parents: do not give ill children antipyretics and antibiotics, but wash the intestines and give plenty of drink - herbal decoctions with honey and lemon juice, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. At the same time eating of solid food should be stopped.

In such way you will cure and not weaken the disease and strengthen the immune system of the child, cleansing the body from accumulated toxins in it, which caused the disease. Remember that the disease arises not from a cold or flu virus, but from the inner intoxication, from toxins that have escaped from the tissues into the blood under the influence of a cold or virus. Get rid of them and be healthy.

People take care of your immune system, do not destroy it!

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