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What diseases can we have and how do we cure them? - отзыв о методике М.В. Оганян

What diseases can we have? All kinds of diseases, and, of course, every age has its own disease. Tonsillitis and sclerosis, measles and heart attack... One would think what is common between them? Scientists count for more than 2700 kinds of diseases of the human body, and each of them is treated appropriately in its particular way, and their number increases continiously. More and more medications are produced, there are acupuncture treatments, biofield treatment, treatment with mysterious homeopathic remedies. If there is no remedy and the disease is in advanced stage, the person goes to extremes and the surgery comes into play. What does the surgeon remove? Important components of our body: pharyngeal tonsils, appendix, parts of stomach, gallbladder, parts of lungs, kidneys, lens, mammary glands, legs, etc. Finally, it came to heart transplantation, which is announced to be highest achievement of medicine!

But if you look at it a little differently, one simple truth becomes clear: There are no different diseases, and there is one trouble - metabolic disturbance, and the only way to cure any disease is to correct this disturbed metabolism, to enter a human into the mainstream of nature in the ecological system of the planet and the cosmos. That is how diseases were cured by ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda and by a natural medicine – naturopathy in the West. Hippocrates stated: "Medicine is an art to imitate the healing effects of nature."

Modern physicians naturopaths (Shelton, Paul Bragg, Walker, Nikolaev) treated patients with results far exceeding the results of other treatment methods. Why? Let’s judge. If the morbidity is not only declining with the development of medicine, but growing, isn’t it better to switch on the development of measures preventing disease development, for the same sore throats, bronchitis, appendicitis and others. It is possible that as a result we shall get rid of pyelonephritis, and from bronchial asthma, hypertension, mastitis, cancer, heart attack, gallstones, and even epilepsy, which occur so often because we do not treat the disease in children, adolescents and pregnant women, but heal them with drugs.

What about allergies?! Where to escape from this universal disaster?! From ragweed, poplar fluff, flowering plants, house dust, cold, honey, red fruit ... What should children and adults, suffering from allergies, breathe and eat?!

Just look around, and then look into yourself. Maybe we can find the causes of the disease in such a simple thing as dirt?. Whether it's outdoor dirt, or internal. Pollution of air, water, soil by chemical substances, which, unfortunately, one person is unable to prevent, and pollution of our own organism, which we can simply avoid. How? Knowing what to eat and what to drink, i.e. we have to make a conscious choice between pollution of our organism and our internal ecology and keeping it clean.

It is necessary to realize that the food causes many diseases, ranging from stomach ulcers and ending with a sore throat and bronchitis. But it cures at the same time. It’s all about what we shall eat! And in the environment of southern region, with its abundance of fruits and vegetables, nuts, honey, cereals, humans can never know what the disease is. First of all it applies to residents of the village, where the air is relatively clean, not all the roads are covered with asphalt, where the earth, grass and trees are preserved in their original form.

You can learn how to be healthy and to cure all diseases. And a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, gangrene of the extremities can be prevented, as well as the removal of various organs, supposedly degraded.

How to do it? You need to know the medicinal properties of our daily food, its benefit and harm, distinguish foreign protein food from pure carbohydrate, know the possibilities of the body and use its ability to self-cleaning and self-healing. Hippocrates wrote: "Our food substances must be medicines."

Our daily food can really be a remedy if you know the right combination of foods, not causing decay processes, fermentation and, as a result, in gut dysbiosis. Food, depending on its quality and composition, may contaminate or purify and heal. The treatment with food and other natural factors - sun, air and water - is called naturopathy or natural cure.  "Health" Centre, created in Krasnodar, deals with natural non-specific treatment of diseases without use of medicines, biofield or other effects on the body of the patient, and the method of teaching oneself the rules of the physiological, hygienic nutrition that can miraculously heal the body, renewing its cells and tissues, and cure diseases, not amenable to any other treatment methods.

First of all, thanks to techniques of naturopathy, all allergic diseases, and diseases of respiratory system, liver, kidneys and gut are cured. And especially quickly and easily these diseases are treated in children: without injections and tablets, without tears and emotional stress of mother and baby. Children take treatment for their illnesses with great pleasure and joy, eating natural human food, intended for us by nature: fruit, vegetables, honey, nuts. And everything, that caused them allergy, rash, dyspnea before, is actually turns out to be very useful and enjoyable meal. Children can eat honey, melons, strawberries, tomatoes and cherries with great joy and in any amount, the taste of which they hadn't know until three or four years.

Welcome! Learn and treat yourself and your children. Even being old, not just in youth, you have the opportunity to be completely healthy and productive people, knowing your own body, and not knowing the fear of disease.

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